Since 2004 I have experienced many changing markets but one thing that hasn't changed is my commitment to providing great customer service. I was born and raised in Silicon Valley as well as raised my 3 boys here. Whether it is finding the perfect home for your family, a great starter home or to help you sell your current home. I know the area well and understand the changes and challenges for both buyers and sellers in this market. I am able to help my buyers determine the right neighborhood for their needs and help my sellers get the terms they want as well as top dollar for their home. My job is to make the transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible making sure we are all on target the same thing...CLOSING! The end of the transaction is never the end of the relationship. My clients have said that I turn transactions into relationships and reflecting on my career I believe that is true.

Results that move you!

Buy easier

Once you've determined that you're ready to buy, it's time to begin thinking about where you want to look. You'll find there are many questions you must answer about the type of house you want to purchase. For example, are you interested in an older home or a new one? How big of a home do you need? Would you like to move closer to certain major roads or freeways? As your REALTOR®, I can answer many questions about the homes and communities you're considering, and in the meantime, there are myriad resources available for you to begin your research.

Sell faster
Perhaps you need to sell your home and relocate because you're changing jobs. Or, maybe you need a larger home to accommodate a growing family or a smaller home since your children have moved out on their own. There are myriad reasons why people sell their homes, but no matter the circumstances, it's in your best interest to approach the transaction armed with information and assisted by my expertise as a REALTOR®.