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Every client is a VIP with my team and I welcome the opportunity to achieve our Goals together in Real Estate.
Teamwork and integrity play a huge part of the success at In Real Estate Services. Brandy Reading has continued to be an honored member of our exceptional team. Her warm positive nature makes her an instant hit! Brandy pays close attention to detail allowing her to create a personal relationship with her clients to better assess their needs. She is willing to go above and beyond during the process to insure a positive experience.
At CSR Real Estate Services, we strive to have Realtors like Brandy. Her attitude, charisma, and passion for real estate make her an essential member of our family.

James, Morgan Hill Buyer

I used Brandy Reading with CSR to buy our home in Morgan Hill. Buying a home is so stressful, but Brandy made it very easy for me! Brandy never put any pressure on me and she made the process easy and seamless. She knew exactly what I wanted because she took the time and listened to my needs. It was never about the numbers, it was about me and that really made the difference. I highly recommend her services, you won't be disappointed. Thank you, Brandy, for making this entire process bearable.

Krzys B, San Jose Buyer & Seller

just wanted to write to you thanking you for your help and service in finding my first home. The entire process took some time, but I am happy to have worked with you in looking through so many listings and places, zeroing in on something that I can call home. From the day I met you at a random open house I went to, and right away you were very energetic and went out of your way to start helping me look for a place, you have been supportive and kept telling me that ' we would know the right one when we saw it.' Together we looked through many properties, then went to see many. Each one you would state your opinion, good or bad, which was quite helpful as you were familiar with the regions/areas and what to expect. On many properties, upon arrival, you would give me this look and shake your head, saying you would not want me or anyone you know living there, which made it easy to move on, and also gave a comforting atmosphere that you actually cared to ensure your client would be happy in all aspects. When we finally found the place we liked and went to put in the offer, you made the process simple and hassle-free. You told me, 'I can get you this place,' and you were right. In the future, when someone is looking for a place to call home, I will not hesitate to recommend your services to them, and the next time that I'm looking to move, I will be giving you a call.

Noah & Melissa Y, San Jose Buyer

We started looking for a home to buy in February 2008. This was our 3rd-time house hunting and our 3rd realtor....Brandy. Third time is a charm! From the get go, Brandy, was patient and more knowledgeable then the previous realtors we had worked with. She never tried to show us a house that was not in our budget. Brandy always had our best interest at hand. If we didn’t understand something, she would explain until we did. She treated us as if we were family during our house hunt. With the loan requirements changing monthly/weekly...Brandy reminded us over and over that, we would find our house and to not be discouraged, that it would all work out...and she was right. She helped us find our first home in May 2008 and we couldn’t have done it with our her. We have recommended Brandy to others and if we are ever fortunate to upgrade...we will ask her to be by our side again.

Mai & Peter T, San Jose/San Francisco Buyer & Seller

"Brandy is not your typical real estate agent. She really tries to understand your needs by building a relationship. For instance, she sat down to have lunch and talk to us about our styles, our wish list, and our budget. This may sound simple, but she engages in conversation sharing her own views so that we can build a better connection. One of the main reasons we chose her to represent us was because she did not apply hard pressure sales tactics; she really enjoys what she does and truly wants to find you the home you desire. After spending time with Brandy touring homes, she quickly learned our style and preferences and only showed us homes that were appropriate for our needs. We have had four other agents (we have moved often in different places) and all our other agents would simply try to show us more homes so that the likelihood of us finding one increased. Her method was much more efficient. We also appreciated that she would spend her own time to visit properties that looked good on the internet and only show us the ones that were appropriate based on our wishes. Fast forward three years later and w

Mai & Peter, Buyer & Seller

This letter serves as a sound endorsement of Brandy Reading-Sandoval as a real estate agent. Let me tell you why… My husband and I had been searching online through the MLS listings for three months. Because we were unfamiliar with our targeted area, we felt it was more strategic for us to find a great realtor, who wasn't just in it for the money, but was truly customer focused. We also wanted to find someone who knew the area in which we wanted to buy a home. After more months of searching for that perfect agent, we ran into Brandy at an open house. We didn't realize it at the time, but we liked her style. As customers to the open house, she left us alone. If we had questions, she would devote her full attention to us even though there were others in the house. Over time, you will find that this approach can work against Brandy in terms of her own business development, but help you, as the customer, feel that you are her only client. Brandy does a wonderful job of listening to what you say and translating it into what it means from a housing perspective. After numerous weekends together, she figured out what our own style was and what mattered to us. She didn't show us all the random houses in our price range, but instead narrowed our search so that we were only viewing those homes which fit our specific and strict set of criteria. If she ever veered from our standards, she would ask us first whether we wanted to spend time viewing something outside our standards. Brandy manages to be informative and very service oriented. I found that she "held our hands" at the most pivotal moments (the first time she introduced us and proposed our formal offer to the listing agent for the house that we would eventually buy; she was there for us when we were signing our 100 page title documents to assuage our concerns and she even helped us with referrals to appliance stores and interior designers in the area). She somehow always found time for us. This was not our first home purchase so we knew what to expect and quite frankly, we had some strict standards, not only in our home purchase, but also in the agent that would represent us. Around every corner, we were delighted with her skills and service and still stay in touch with her today. What we liked most about Brandy was that if she, herself, would not live in a specific area or a specific house, then she won't show you that specific place. She never compromises her own ethics or her own standards. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and look forward to buying and selling our next homes with her.

Wes & Alex San Jose Buyer & Seller -3 Transactions

Alejandra and I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to do business with you. You sold 2 of our properties and helped us buy our dream home in the Rosegarden. The Rosegarden transaction had the potential to be a very difficult process but you made it very simple and easy for us. Selling a home these days can be extremely challenging however you delivered fantastic results for us. Your understanding and insight of the real estate market in this difficult economic climate were invaluable to us. These transactions are much more complex today and you handled all aspects with professionalism and ease. We greatly valued your honest opinion and recommendations, something that should not be taken lightly these days We would highly recommend you to anyone considering selling or buying real estate today. Thank you again, great job!

D, Los Gatos Buyer & Seller

My husband and I had been talking about downsizing for some time and a few days before we were scheduled to leave on a 6-week vacation out of the country we found our dream retirement home. We hadn’t yet sold our current home that we had lived in for 34 years so purchasing a new home was quite nerve-racking not to mention we were leaving the country for six weeks in a few days. She carefully evaluated the current sales in the area to help us determine the market value of the home and helped us negotiate a great sales price for our new home. While away she handled all of the inspections and necessary paperwork with our power of attorney. We came back to our wonderful new house with all the repairs done and ready for us to move into. We credit her with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience and thank her for such a diligent job. We are writing to express our delight with real estate agent Brandy Reading Sandoval, who represented us in the recent purchase of our beautiful new home. This is our third purchase of property, and never had we had such a pleasurable experience. Brandy is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. We never could have gotten this home without her. We have referred many friends and family members to Brandy and everyone has been very impressed with her professionalism and ability to connect with her clients and even the agent on the other side of the transaction. We highly recommend her services.

D, Los Gatos Buyer & Seller

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your diligence and positive attitude throughout the marketing and sales process resulting in the sale of our home. Because the market had declined from earlier in the year, and due to its size and property, our home was not an easy sale. However, your constant attention and creative ideas in promoting our listing helped us through this difficult time. Looking back, although it took longer than expected, the end result was exactly what we had hoped for. Now, a young family who recognized our home of 35 years to be their new home, has exactly what they had hoped for. Thank you, again, for your unflagging support and professional excellence.

Keith & Kathi S, San Jose Buyer & Seller

would very much like to offer some feedback on the outstanding service we received from Brandy in the purchase of our new home. Let me begin by letting you know my husband and I have been attending open houses for two years. We have looked at virtually every home style available from the fixer-upper to the palatial. We have encountered every sales technique known to mankind. I have never seen a salesperson in any industry demonstrate the level of client advocacy we observed in Brandy. Brandy, under some profoundly adverse circumstances, assembled a very difficult sale to the mutual satisfaction of all parties, an accomplishment in and of itself. Her dogged determination to do "what's right" is the reason the sale succeeded. She is personable, professional, ethical, and exceptionally hard working. Should your office require a testimonial or recommendation for Brandy, you need only ask. We would be happy to oblige.

Michael Nevis, Vice President- Alain Pinel Realtors

Thank you very much for the feedback on Brandy. Of course, every broker appreciates hearing remarkable things about the agents in the office and in Brandy’s case I have come to expect it. Brandy is an exceptional individual with an enormous talent I am proud to be associated with her. Thank you again for taking a moment to comment on your satisfaction and I am certain Brandy will appreciate the recommendation as much as I do.

Steve Christian, Morgan Hill Seller

I just wanted to send you a Big Thank You for making the sale of my house in Morgan Hill a reality. I have had three previous experiences with real estate agents and you by far have been the one agent that stands out above them all. You constantly kept me informed at all times. As a seller, you help me understand the process so that I would get the best possible deal for my house. I will soon be looking again to purchase yet another home and when I do you will be the only real estate agent that I will need to call. I look forward to having you take care of any future buying and selling prospects that I have in the near future.

Barbara, B Saratoga Seller

I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. You promised me a sale in less than a month and you made good on your promise. I appreciated the terrific Open House you held and all the contacts made at that time. I also appreciated your timely phone calls and emails to keep me in touch as I was out of town. I know you stayed late several times to keep me up to date on the multiple offers. You kept the property clean and the alarm systems intact. I have recommended you to all of my neighbors in Saratoga as I was highly pleased by your professional manner and the enthusiasm you brought to the project. You made my experience selling a home so much easier and pleasant than it has been in the past.

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My business is founded on one simple principle, to provide exceptional service. My vision and focus are to make one of the most stressful things you do and make it fun while exceeding your expectations your happiness is my future buisness.